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Characters I love


i post my art most often on instagram, but you can also find me on tumblr and twitter!

about me :3

wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?🤨(maddy, she/her, artist, chronic fandom jumper, gamer who is bad at games.)


-loz: botw and totk
-comics (mostly batman/DC)
-splatoon (2 & 3)
-ace attorney
-octopath traveler (1 & 2)
-making art (...sometimes)
-zero escape
-assorted visual novels (DM recs!)
-les miserables
-chess: in concert

(this section exists so ppl can judge me based on my taste in characters lol)

The absolute faves
(AKA: i'm not a kinnie...HOWEVER....)

-Revali (botw)
-Selina Kyle (DC)
-Riddler (almost every version, but NOT the one from the shitty 'Gotham' CW show)
-Osvald (8path)
-Throne (8path)
-Edgeworth (AA)
-Kazuichi Souda (DR)
-Chiaki Nanami (DR)
-Ibuki Mioda (DR)
-Volo (P:LA)
-Arven (P:S/V)
-Hello Kitty!!

would die for these faves
(very important to me but i'm less weird about it)

-Zelda (LOZ)
-Link (LOZ)
-Batman (DC)
-Jason Todd (DC)
-Scarecrow (DC)
-Godot (AA)
-Phoenix Wright (AA)
-Leon Kuwata (DR)
-ok (almost) the entire SDR2 cast tbh

minor faves but still cool
(faves from old fandoms or extended casts from a series)

-Javert (Les Mis)
-Enjolras (Les Mis)
-Guzma (Pokemon)
-Gabriel (SPN)
-Pretty much any AA character
-Pretty much any DR character
-Pretty much any 8path character